Sunrise and Sunset times for your location can be found here or on the widget on the sidebar.

What will you do with your extra time in the morning?

Here are some ideas:
– Meditate or pray
– Write letters to your congresspeople or senators about legislation
– Get some exercise
– Read a book you’ve been waiting to read
– Have a quiet cup of coffee or tea
– Make some art
– Compose a song
– Journal or write the book you’ve been meaning to write
– Plan your part in the revolution!
– Go back to bed!

Organize your place of worship, your town hall, your workplaces, and community groups to join in as institutional leaders of the demonstration.

There are several apps that will let you know when sunrise and sunset are happening at your locations. Here are a few:
sol: sun clock – daylight forecaster and solar alarm ($2.99)
sunspot – sunrise sunset where and when (free)
sun tracker – sunrise & sunset calculator ($1.99)
sunrise clock – ($free)
Rise – The sunrise sunset calendar ($free)
Sunset and Sunrise ($1.99)
Sunrise Sunset – equinox, solstice , sun rise and set ($free)

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