Make the Pledge

We will ring bells at every sunrise and every sunset for the duration of the Trump presidency, to demonstrate our commitment to the cause of justice and freedom and against the forces of oppression and intolerance.

(Hey, don’t stress if you miss a day – No one is checking up on you)

Remember to post images and videos of your bell ringing on your own social media pages with the hashtag #ringthebells and post a copy up on our Facebook page.

We are creating a visual map of all the people who have made the pledge that will show your city and state but NOT your name or address. If you are outside of the United States, feel free to join us in solidarity!

Please note: while all the fields below are required to be filled in, city and state are the only ones we need so you can put Xs and 0s in the other fields if you wish. Your bell should appear on the map with a day of registering.

We are committed to your privacy and will not share any of this information with any other group: individuals, corporate, non-profit, or federal.

This is a pledge form that will get you on the map and allow us to send you (very) occasional updates about our progress:

Yes – I will ring the bells!

  • Make the Pledge


If, at sunrise, you are joined by bells through the distances, remember that ours is the bond of vision and hope for a future that lifts all up to the utmost of human dignity. If yours is the lone bell at sunset, know that you ring for multitudes, let the sound of your bell be a beacon of hope and freedom in the darkness around you. Whether you ring the bell on your bedstand,from your porch or your window, in your office or in your car, from your temple or in an open field, are joined by 10 or 10,000 others, ring with solemnity – ring with vigor – ring what is in your heart.

Record your ringing and post it on social media with the hashtag #ringthebells and join us as we stand resolute each day defending our communities.

Get in touch with us for ideas and questions. Are you interested in being an institutional sponsor? Let us know!

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