from Pablo Neruda

Ahí está el mar? Muy bien, que pase.
la gran campana, de la raza verde
No ésa, no es, la otra, la que tiene
en la boca de bronce una ruptura,
y ahora, nada más, quiero estar solo
con el mar principal y la campana.
Quiero no hablar por una larga vez,
silencio, quiero aprender aún,
quiero saber si existo.

~Pablo Neruda, from The Sea and the Bells

Is the sea there? Tell it to come in.
Bring me
the great bell, one of the green race.
Not that one, the other one, the one that has
a crack in its bronze mouth,
and now, nothing more, I want to be alone
with my essential sea and the bell.
I don’t want to speak for a long time,
silence, I still want to learn
I want to know if I exist.


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Haiku from Claudia Horwitz of Ocracoke, NC!

Who will hear this sound
I will be ringing anyway
Vibration matters


Poem by Theo Davis of Roslindale, MA

My bell ringing

is never at dawn

Usually not quite at dusk

But in my morning and evening

ringing quietly

a little off time

Happy to be joining


all the same



Haiku from Zette Amora of Umpqua, OR

We light the candle

ring the bell 3 times then pause

feeling peace on earth



Haiku by Jesse Vega-Frey of Kawaihae, HI

Waking up is hard

But I have to ring my bell

Will anyone hear?


Haiku from Catrinka Holland, Kamuela, HI

daily intentions

bell supports love & practice

resonance indeed

Haiku from Mia Tremblay – Nanaimo, BC

ringing bells are rung
the singing unsings the sung
ringer is undOne

#ringthebells #haiku

Today’s haiku from Catrinka Holland of Kamuela, HI

did i remember?

sometimes forgetting to ring

come back home again

#ringthebells #haiku

Haiku from Jane Frey in Holyoke, MA

Snow blankets the earth.

Now the red cardinal sings, 

Ringing in new hope.

#ringthebells #haiku