2nd Letter to Participants


I’m sure you were inspired after the resounding success of the powerful marches this weekend for Women’s rights across the nation. We needed this. It was a truly uplifting day to be a part of and a witness to. We deeply need these reminders for ourselves – in our hearts, our bodies, our relationships, and in media of all kinds – to remember where our potential collective power lives. It was amazing.

We are all in this for the long haul — but we cannot march every day. The momentum of a peak solidarity experience can carry us a long while, and can even be a touchstone for our entire lives, but over time some dissipation is unavoidable. Our movements can suffer greatly because we cannot conjure that visceral reminder of our togetherness, our camaraderie, our power during these lulls. This is partly why we Ring the Bells. 

When we ring the bells at sunrise and sunset, we participate in a simple yet steady reminder of this solidarity for ourselves and for each other – like a heartbeat of remembrance – and this is invaluable in the long-term work for justice and the long-term security of our hearts.

As I wrote in a previous email, I will be going into silent meditation retreat for the next 2 and a half months or so and so will be largely out of touch.  A few illustrious fellow Bell Ringers will be helping take care of the website and the Facebook page, blog, etc in my absence and when I’m back we can see if anyone else may want to get more involved in that level of things.

In the meantime, please consider sending anecdotes, stories, testimonials, photos and such to this email address and we will begin to compile them for sharing on the blog and elsewhere. It will be great for us to share a sense of the impact with one another, and of course the larger world.

Don’t forget to like our facebook page, follow us on instagram and on twitter – and post photos, videos, and the like with the hashtag #ringthebells

As of today we are 46 people who have committed to the pledge! May we all ring what is in our hearts.



(Not that it really matters who I am, but in case you feel that these emails are coming out of the anonymous ether, you can read a bit about me here)

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  1. Dear Jesse, thank you for this initiative. It’s helpful! Staying awake and staying kind, as we practice to be awake and to be kind, really looks like the way forward now. We have been sharing the link, too. Susan. PS. Just bought a cowbell on a whim when in Oregon – now I know why 😉 🔔

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