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Hello Good People,

I hope you are all well. I’m so glad to be writing this email to you all and am looking forward to being on this journey together! Right now, there are 37 people who have made the pledge to ring a bell at sunrise and sunset each day for the duration of the presidency. There is something so deeply meaningful that I already feel about us sharing this practice that cannot be put into words but that I am truly moved by. I hope that we all feel some version of it each day when we take the time to connect with ourselves and one another in this powerful way. The more we let ourselves feel it, the more it will push us forward to keep going – in the ritual and in our lives and work during the coming times.

I know there will be days that we miss, when conditions prevent us from being perfect about each day’s bells, or when the most we can muster in the morning is rolling over and flicking a glass on our nightstand and going back to sleep! It’s OK. This is a long commitment and it is better with such things not to be too uptight. If we are too hard on ourselves, we will fill the ritual with bitterness. When you do ring your bells, feel good. I expect that the sense of shared practice to align ourselves with our deepest aspirations for ourselves, our country, our planet will be a powerful motivating force to propel us deeper into this simple commitment.

This is both a protest and ritual and while those things can support one another, they are not always fueled by the same forces. For the sake of the protest, there is a value for this ringing of the bells to grow in numbers. So I do encourage everyone to participate as much as feels good to spread the word of your own commitment as well as find and encourage others to join who may be sympathetic and inspired by such an endeavor.

On the other hand, as a ritual it doesn’t matter if anyone else joins us. The integrity and power of our actions just for ourselves is enough to provide all the meaning and value we need from it. Feel good about your actions in this no matter if you feel deeply connected with many others or very isolated. It is the practice that matters.

During the next few months, please share your photos and videos of bell ringing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, on our page and also with the hashtag #ringthebells so that word about our commitment continues to spread. But most important is to just keep doing it and keep remembering that there is a growing number of people joining us, whether in this particular ritual or in the necessary work to help protect all the things we care about in our society and push us toward a world of more justice, more love, more equality, and more peace.

I look forward to joining you all on Saturday morning as we begin our effort together

Until soon,

Love and Solidarity


2 thoughts on “first email to participants”

  1. Hi Jesse,
    This is such an inspiring idea! Thank you for spreading it.
    I was trying to think of something inspiring to do that might
    shine some light against the darkness moving into Washington. This daily practice is a wonderful
    ritual as a personal reminder that will also touch others with the message of peace and understanding.
    I’m sharing it with lots of people. Many were marching today and so
    I’ll wait until tomorrow to post your note on the two list services I participate in here in Boston.

    I’ve been singing the Leonard Cohen song, Anthem, lately (the one that says, “Ring the bells that still can ring). Were you thinking of that too with this idea to ring bells morning and evening?
    With gratitude and warmth,

  2. I will be ringing bells! My boys and family will too!

    And I will be calling and ringing our congressmen and women’s phone lines daily to protest as well.

    Thank you for this amazing gift and opportunity. What a wonderful idea!

    Ringing from Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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